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TRUE PEAK MASTERING offers professional mastering services to artists, engineers, publishers and record labels.

Founded in 2010 by Alexander Lüken in Berlin.

State-of-the-art studio with high-end equipment, excellent acoustics and a monitor system from industry-leading speaker manufacturer ATC.

Our goal is to produce the very best sounding masters for our clients.


Analog & Digital Mastering

Mastering for Online Distribution (Spotify, Apple M4iT, etc.)

Mastering for CD (DDP)

Mastering for Vinyl

Stem Mastering

Remastering / Audio Restoration

Dj Mix Mastering (CD & Podcasts)

Mastering Engineer

Alexander Lüken started his professional career in the early 2000s.

His passion for music led him through music production, recording and mixing to mastering.

In 2010, he started his own mastering studio in Berlin named True Peak Mastering.

Alex works in the genres of Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, Electronic, Acoustic and everything in between.


Audible, Arch Enemy, Adrian Recordings, Stefan Bergel, Bluelemon Interactive, Biinds, Blue Flame Records, Combination Records, Curse, Cameron McVey, Disque Primeur, Noir Records, Essay Recordings, Ed Herbst, Russell Elevado, Simon Grohé, Viktoria Kauzner, Lo Recordings, Milan, Mk Zwo, Megaloh, Neon, Patrice, Pilat, Sinnbus Records, Soundtrack Corner Spax, Slapstickers, Sony Music, Chris Schmitz, Saudade, Sitzer Records, Paul Smith Music, Spiegel TV, Tragrecords, A Tenderversion Recordings, Universal Music, Vanadium, Gordon Williams, WDR, Studio X-berg and many more.

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