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If there are clear guidelines for the mastering, such as comments on individual mixes, specific requests about loudness, dynamics, frequency image or sound reference titles, then please send them along with your mix. If you have created your own „listening masters“, on the basis of which the mix has been approved by all parties, please send them, too. With albums and EPs, please specify the track order, as far as it has been decided. If CD text (see „What is CD text“) is on the master, I need a list with the following, correctly written, information: artist name, album title or release, all song titles and, if applicable, the ISRC codes. Please let me know what format or formats the final version will be published in. Will it be made available on CD and/or vinyl and/or as an online release? Do you require „Mastered for iTunes“ masters (see „What is Mastered for iTunes?“)?

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